Sunday, November 6, 2011

ONE MORE DAY! (and bonus belly shots)

If Francis cooperates tomorrow, there's a good chance we will have a gender to report! I am hoping that when deciding whether or not to cooperate, Francis thinks about all of the nice things I have done for him/her so far...
  1. Stopped drinking wine. That was a BIG one. Mommy likes wine.
  2. Set down the mic. Put band antics on hiatus to avoid standing next to dangerously loud music. If you can hear me, Francis, you're welcome.
  3. Quit eating sushi. The nice people at Nippon Tei might have noticed there is an empty table every Friday night since July. Hope they don't have their feelings hurt.
  4. Slept a lot. OK, some of this has been for me. Mommy likes naps.
  5. Endured childbirth classes. Jason and I just had this today. I'm slightly traumatized. It might merit it's own post if I can ever close my eyes long enough not to see the doorway to hell in front of me.
And now for this week's belly shot...
9 weeks vs 19 weeks
Does this baby make me look fat?

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