Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Six days and a saucer stomach

We are down to SIX days until we find out what the gender is, and rather than post another boring number, I'm going to post a photo of a six-legged cow because that is far more fascinating.

Six-legged cow to which my child hopefully bears no resemblance
That's just weird. What's also weird is that I have only had one dream in anticipation of the great gender reveal, and the dream entailed us finding out that our baby's legs were fused together. This was both troubling from a "how will he/she walk" perspective but also a "great, now we can't find out the gender" perspective. Let's pray the baby has two separate, fully functioning little walking sticks and only two of them as opposed to six (although the previously pictured cow might be a hit at pasture parties when it pulls the ol' stand-up-tall-on-my-four-hind-legs stunt...I'd bet cud on it).

On the subject of bizarre body parts, I developed a slight insecurity at work today related to the fact that my belly button now looks like a large saucer. I'm getting to the point where she's starting to flatten out but she's not totally there yet, leading to a crater-like display in the jutted-out front of my shirts. It looks like I'm smuggling a compass and my belly is leading the way. Granted, I am sure most spectators realize that it's par for the pregnancy course, but it's still a bit unsettling considering most passers-by are greeting my stomach these days. I know, I know...embrace the new body. I must embrace the new body.

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