Friday, October 7, 2011

15 week belly shot (a.k.a. "the period during which I look like a fat hole-in-the-wall bar waitress")

Here's the latest stomach profile pic....
15 week bump
That look on my face screams "I just spent the last 22 minutes putting on/taking off clothes that don't fit and I am officially late for work."

And my hair is still damp.

And my powder is too light...didn't get much sun this summer...spent most of the time preggonating (that is my compound word for pregnant-hibernating).

However, good news on the pants front: The dark denim number I'm sporting there is an official new pair of pregnancy jeans. Let me tell you - nothing is sexier than the faux zip fly that segues into a stretchy belly band that rests just below the bra line. I am sure Jason was in heaven seeing me in those puppies.

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