Sunday, October 9, 2011

The great annual pumpkin hunt

We took a trip to the Rambach's Farm pumpkin patch today - such a great tradition that I look forward to each fall. Jason and I purchased 4 pumpkins - one for Jason, one for me, one for our four-legged buddy Benson, and naturally we got a little one for Francis. It's a bit premature to carve, so we will just set them out on the porch and pray the neighborhood kids don't toss them. We invested in some carving utensils so we can actually branch out beyond the triangle nose and square teeth. And we also purchased a nice assortment of front yard Halloween decorations, including gravestones, cobwebs, an over sized spider, and a random skeleton...Jason had to have the skeleton (he named him Elliott - don't ask). So far I feel that Halloween is off to a good start!
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