Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tiny dancer, take 2!

Well unfortunately I had a spell today at the DMV where I was standing in line for a long long time (hard to believe, right?) and finally when it got to be my turn I went up to the desk and the room started to go fuzzy - so they quickly brought me a chair and some water, otherwise I'm confident I would have fainted. I felt better upon sitting and made them finish my title/registration/taxes processing for the new car we just bought - I know, I know...but I was NOT about to come back some other day! So then I drove across the street to the Urgent Care center to have my blood pressure checked, but they wanted to make sure I had further tests and that the baby was OK so I was transferred to the hospital where tests were done. Besides getting poked with 17 different needles and waiting and waiting, the silver lining was they did an ultrasound so I got to see Francis for the first time in 2 months! My mom met me there so she got to be with me while we watched our little dancer bounce around in there and kick and one point, Francis even lifted its arm and made a move like it was slicking its lanugo back - you know, Francis just wanted to ensure it was presentable for us! Unfortunately Jason was still on his way back from the golf trip so he won't get to see Francis live until perhaps Monday when we have our next appointment - or even until 20 weeks if they wait. But, I got some souvenir photos, so here's our little tiny dancer looking much bigger and baby-like than before!
Francis Face

Again with the Jazz Hand!

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