Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hello, boys and ghouls! I hope you're having a spook-tacular Halloween!

Ok, ok. I'll stop with the cheesy holiday lingo infusion...I just thought I would start down that path to frighten you (and I'll also stop using Halloween words like "frighten" even when no pun is intended).

So today is Halloween, and I've already posted a sampling of costumes that I would like to put on el bambino even when it's not Halloween, so now I feel it is appropriate to show you what Jason and I opted to put on ourselves for a recent costume party:

The baker and the oven
Kudos to my Aunt Kathy for finding the oven costume, and kudos to Jason for deciding he should grow a mustache to complement the ensemble for no real reason other than it's sometimes neat to wear a mustache and not be in the law enforcement industry.

I actually prefer to dress as something scary for Halloween, and someday I really want to turn my house into "that scary house on the block," but due to the chance that someone might actually get scared of me and punch my stomach, I decided to wait until next year. That and the fact that Halloween decorations are shockingly expensive - $3 for a bag of cotton cobwebs, really? - and I think in terms of "1 bag of cobwebs = 9.375 diapers" now, it might be awhile before we're that scary house on the block. Bigger and better things prevail!

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