Thursday, October 6, 2011


Oh, pants. Pants, pants, pants. You are not good at fitting right now. In fact, you are terrible at fitting. You were purchased to fit right after I lost some lbs on Weight Watchers about 8 months ago. However, now that I'm on Weight Gainers, you are terrible at fitting. I have cleaned you out of my closet so I can make room for things that do fit...which leads to a closet that has two skirts, one pair of super low cut jeans, tumbleweed blowing, one pair of black work pants, dust balls, and a whole host of stretchy exercise pants (that I sleep in). I have rigged my pants with hair ties and belly bands, but that has quickly become insufficient. All that said, I would walk around pantless all day long if it means my little stomach nugget is growing and comfortable, enjoying its stay in the Rutherford RV.

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