Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chinese gender predictor

No, it's not some fancy tool used to predict what gender your baby is. It's much simpler than that. The Chinese gender predictor that Jason and I now believe in...the fortune cookie. A few months ago right after we found out we were expecting, Jason and I were at PF Chang's discussing our baby's gender over honey crispy chicken and fried rice. We open our fortune cookies and on the side that contains a translated word we see three tiny letters: B-O-Y. Jason kept that fortune with him.

And then today Jason and I met for lunch at Pei Wei and as we cracked into our fortune cookies we uncovered the following:
Now I'm not superstitious,  but we don't eat Chinese food too terribly often so our interaction with fortune cookies is minimal. I just think it's awfully suspicious. However, perhaps it's a bizarre Chinese custom not to reference "girl" in a fortune cookie, in which case our Chinese gender predictor is skewed. And I assure you if it is a girl we won't be disappointed. Just sayin' - it's weird.

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